General Terms and Conditions
Status 1.1.2021

Fashion Roof Services
Überseeboulevard 2, Studio Stefan Eckert
20457 Hamburg
hereinafter abbreviated by FRS

represented by Stefan Eckert – Managing Director
Tel: 0049 40 6370 8915


1. Basis of the contract

By paying for the services defined in the invoice before the start of the order, the client agrees to the following terms and conditions.

Agreements deviating from the General Terms and Conditions must be made in writing and confirmed by both contracting parties.


2. Nature of the contract

The cooperation with FRS is an agency contract. In this case, communication and invoicing of the services between the client and the individual service providers takes place exclusively via FRS. Liability for the goods and services brokered by FRS is excluded. The disclosure of contact details to the client is excluded in any form.


3. Content and definition of a product development

A product development is the technical implementation of a design submitted by the client. This can be communicated by means of sketches, collages or garments. Product development requires the cooperation of the client in the form of submission of necessary product information and timely feedback in the process of pattern making and prototyping. In the event of failure by the Client to comply with the aforementioned points, the Client shall not be entitled to withdraw from the contract or to a refund.


The contents of a product development in chronological order are as follows:

  • Submission of the design by the client.
  • Creation of a technical drawing or similar template by FRS, which serves to communicate the design idea.
  • Submission of measurements by the client, according to which the pattern is to be created. Alternatively, submission of a garment with alteration requests.
  • Production of a pattern according to the above-mentioned specifications.
  • Production of a fitting part from the pattern.
    Creation of a try-on piece from nettle or similar test fabric.
  • Check of the fit by fitting or video call. Change requests are defined.
  • Alterations are transferred to the pattern.
    Production of the production-ready pattern incl. seam allowances.
  • Production of the final prototype from the original fabric including all finishing techniques defined in the invoice and incorporation of accessories


4. Confidentiality

FRS undertakes to treat the information received in the course of a product development as confidential and not to exploit it itself, either in whole or in part.

It is pointed out that information within the scope of a product development must be passed on to third party companies, such as the forwarding of print data for the preparation of quotations and orders.


5. Material production


When producing individual materials, the exact quantity of goods ordered may differ from the quantity delivered. The excess quantities will be delivered and invoiced as is customary in the industry. The client agrees to accept and remunerate an overproduction of up to 10 %. Subsequent invoicing shall take place before delivery of the goods and shall also be settled before delivery.

Colour references

With regard to submitted colours as a template for the production of materials, these are only to be understood as an orientation value. Deviations are always to be expected, which do not entitle the customer to make a complaint. Likewise, deviations may occur with standard articles ordered according to the colour chart.

Material properties

The markings listed in the description are approximate values and not guaranteed properties (for example, the exact composition of a blended fabric may vary slightly in percentage).


6. Acceptances and approvals

Production of an order shall only take place after acceptance of a prototype developed in advance. This must be confirmed in writing by the client. For this purpose, FRS uses both mails and messenger services for communication.


7. Shipping

The client authorises FRS to carry out all necessary shipments within the framework of the product development and production of the order. No explicit confirmation of the individual shipments is required for this.

Shipping costs

Shipping and city courier costs incurred in the course of processing the order will be charged in addition. Invoices for shipping costs will be issued at the end of order processing and must be paid before the final shipment of the collection, products or goods.


The liability for the dispatched goods lies solely with the client. Liability on the part of FRS for goods damaged or lost, e.g. by the shipping service provider or by the producer, is excluded.

Service providers

FRS works with the following providers:



8. Sustainability/Certifications

FRS insures the certificates listed in an invoice for the corresponding products. The passing on of codes that allow conclusions to be drawn about the producer of the goods is excluded.


9. Copyrights

No claims to copyrights on the part of FRS arise within the scope of product development and production. Copyrights only arise when services are commissioned within the scope of design. These can also be transferred to the client by means of an additional agreement between the client and FRS.


10. Refund/Cancellation/Exchange

Payment of the invoice shall be deemed to be confirmation of the order and commencement of its execution. Since the services offered by FRS are individual productions according to the client’s wishes, they are in principle excluded from exchange. Accordingly, the cancellation and refund of services listed in the invoice after the start of the order is also excluded.


11. Storage of goods

FRS shall not be liable for goods stored by FRS and third parties in the course of production.


12. Defects

Most of the products are handmade goods. As a result, certain irregularities and minor defects may occur. In this case, the tolerance for defects is 3% of the total quantity. Within this, there is no entitlement to complaint and reclamation by FRS to the service provider. Minor defects, such as the possible readjustment of individual labels, shall be borne by the client. In the event that these minor defects cannot be rectified by the Client, it is possible to commission this via FRS at the Client’s expense.


12. Delivery times

The delivery times stated within the scope of the quotation are always to be understood only as an orientation value based on comparable orders from the near past. The estimates are non-binding and do not entitle the customer to withdraw from the order or to a reduction.